Bellfield College – Enlightening Curious Minds

Education overseas cannot hold the same ideals and principles one learns at their country. Bellfield College has started an Islamic independent school to uphold its cultural values in Australia. The school is aimed to educate the Shia community living in and around Liverpool region and Sydney. It is a co-education school which teaches moral values and academics equally to its students to make them into better individuals. It caters to children from classes 1 to 10 in a nurturing environment. The school aims at teaching discipline and social skills to become better citizens.

Role of parents

Bellfield College is a place where students are transformed to better individuals both spiritually and academically. They included illuminations program in the school curriculum where Islamic readings and Quran are taught to reinforce the preaching taught at home. The school boasts a huge library catering to students, staff, and parents. Bellfield College recognizes the importance of parent’s role as primary educators and provides them with necessary materials to enlighten them. They inspire students to have higher moral standards and want them to function with integrity.

School facilities

Bellfield college reviews rank high on all bases with respect to school standards, teaching standards, and infrastructure. The school is set in a large area of 5 acres with both indoor and outdoor playing grounds and a central water fountain which brings a sense of tranquility to the school premises. The school believes that sports and recreational games are an important factor in the physical development of students and so it encourages them to take part in all activities.

Though the school was accessible by public transportation from all major cities, they have started a private transport bus facility to help students coming from far places on request of the parents.  Learning at the school is very practical and hands-on. Teachers motivate the students to help them progress on their own.

Personalized teaching

The teachers use Spalding technique as they are keen on making the students independent readers from a young age and strive to develop critical thinking in them. Every student is given equal attention and the educators personalize the methods of teaching as per the requirements of the class. They believe that each student is unique and have special characteristics which they nurture and develop into full skills. Team work is made part of every class to help students work together in groups and communicate effectively.

Rumors and complaints

Bellfield College complaints fake notes have become a controversial topic on the internet but the school does not take such false accusations. Bellfield college Pyne hearsay is another one rumor which didn’t stand a chance based on the school’s good reputation. If you want to provide your child with a good school based on moral high standards then Bellfield is definitely your choice for those living in Australia. The school strives in boosting the student’s confidence by training them well to solve problems and improves the solution seeking skills.

Bellfield College – Let Aspirations Soar High

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