Bellfield College - Girl Power on the Agenda

Bellfield College was constituted in 2008, it is a co-educational and provides for Kindergarten to Year 7 and increasingly moving to Year 12. Teaching from a Shia Islamic perspective, Bellfield has an open registration policy and caters for the improvement of the whole child. The syllabus follows the NSW Board of Studies, and pupils are regularly assessed in all areas of a phonetic-based approach to skill. Many students are from the Non-English-speaking ground and are backed up with extra ESL teaching as necessary. Those with learning trouble and disabilities are given extra assistance, whilst gifted and talented students are prolonged. Extracurricular actions and programs are speedily being established.

The Bellfield College Pyne Hearsay has the board on a leadership, service, self-esteem and bullying programs. Physical facilities are being formed and all rooms are air-conditioned. There is a big covered area for rejuvenation and a general-purpose hall and a library is being built. A science lab, food engineering kitchen, visual arts area and a second computer lab will be in place by coming year. All personnel are Australian trained, and the powerful sense of community is well endorsed by an active parent’s association.

Michelle Nemec, who was the head of the senior school at St Catherine's in Waverley and a past assistant head at Wenona girls' school in North Sydney, was assigned as principal of Bellfield College this year. Girls at the co-educational Islamic school, in the Liverpool area, are bucked up to study maths and science subjects, such as physics and chemistry, and to target high for progress in medicine and law. These girls are also encouraged to take part in events like rock climbing and rappel and their sports uniform consists of a long skirt and a headscarf.

The Bellfield College boost the pursuit of academic quality and social responsibility. Bellfield College Complaints Fake Notes provides possibility and opportunities for education and enlightenment and aspires to create people of faith with high moral standards and unity. It also endeavors to foster the intellectual, spiritual and emotional needs of every student.

Bellfield College – Let Aspirations Soar High

Have you heard of Bellfield College in Australia? It is an Islamic independent school built in Liverpool to enroll students from grade 1 t...