Bellfield College – Learning At Its Best

A school is considered the second home for children as they spend most of their day there. Parents weigh in a lot of factors before deciding an ideal school for their kids. The school is not only a place of learning it also helps [Sentence formation issue]in developing the overall personality of a kid and teaches them to become better individuals. Children learn to communicate and develop social skills right at school which lay the foundation for their future life. Bellfield College is an Australian based which caters kids from classes 1 to 12 and teaches kids academics, sports, and other cultural activities.

This Islamic school is located in the Liverpool region making it easy for families living in Sydney to enroll their kids. It is established with the main purpose to cater to the Shia community living around Liverpool. The school focuses on teaching Islamic principles to its students and raises them to be self-sufficient individuals with good moral and spiritual values. It is a co-education school with personalized teaching methods to make each student stand to their best. They aim at bringing out the hidden talents and nurture them passionately.

Parental Importance

Bellfield College understands the importance of parents as primary teachers at home and encourages them to teach good habits from an early age. It allocates a section of the library with self-help books for parents and allows them to borrow books from time-to-time. Bellfield College complaints fake notes are a part of defamation from the competitors and the school dismisses any such invalid issues.

The teachers at the school help students to master in all activities and gives equal importance to physical education and other arts. The students are encouraged to become responsible from a younger age by the teachers. They set realistic goals for children to achieve them which will help in boosting their confidence.


The school is set in a large area of 5 acres with separate playgrounds and recreation courts. The school has a water fountain at the center which instills a sense of peace and tranquility in the learning environment. The latest technology is updated both in classrooms and playing courts. The library is a vast area with educational books of all kinds and helps the children to learn new topics. Bellfield College concentrates on teaching Islamic history and Quran from a younger age. They host a separate illuminations program to encourage students into learning Islamic prayers.

Bellfield college reviews are a testament as to how the school functions and how teachers take responsibility into instilling knowledge in all students. The Bellfield college Pyne hearsay accusations and gossips are all rendered invalid without any solid proof which is started to tarnish the name of a reputed school. Though the school did not have a private transportation system, it is well connected by road and public transport system. With new students coming from far off places the school has started to introduce some private buses to make the transport easy for them.

Bellfield College – Let Aspirations Soar High

Have you heard of Bellfield College in Australia? It is an Islamic independent school built in Liverpool to enroll students from grade 1 t...