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Bellfield College – Center for Excellence

School is irrevocably an essential part in the life of a child. It helps in learning about the world around them and teaches them life lessons too. Bellfield College is one such school based in Australia which is established with an aim to teach morals and values. Being an Islamic independent school, Bellfield College includes Islamic teachings as a part of the school curriculum. It is a co-educational school built away from the city life in a spacious area to facilitate the growth of children in a peaceful environment. Located in the Liverpool region, students from surrounding places can enroll in the school for a balanced education.

Bellfield College has been consistent in grooming socially responsible kids with an outlook for the betterment of the communities they live in. Students are taught to be academically inclined and a seed for excellence in leadership qualities is nurtured right from younger classes. Students are allowed to voice their opinion with an aim to make them future leaders. Being a responsible school, it encourages their students to participate in extra-curricular activities. Students are given freedom to learn on their own as the school provides a massive library with huge collection of books for everyone to read.

The school boasts of a large campus with all facilities from a playground, library to an outdoor stadium for sports. The school maintains a small stream right in the middle of the campus. This water body gives the sense of calmness and much-needed relaxing environment to the school. The school holds all the facilities and standards of an international institution. The school has good connectivity to the public transport allowing kids from far off places to commute daily. Private transport will be arranged in near future for the convenience of the students.


The teachers at Bellfield College create a stimulating environment for the kids to be curious and learn things related to their society. Teachers believe that inquisitive kids are good at observing their surroundings and learning faster. Students are taught to be independent of younger classes and this approach helps them to be confident in their endeavors. Students should be taught about tolerance to diversity and let them embrace different cultures. Confident children will have the courage to face challenges without being afraid of failure. The teachers help the students by tapping their inner potential to excel in their selected fields.

The teachers allow the students to set smaller goals and help them to accomplish in a short time. These realistic goals will actually boost the confidence in the children and give them a sense of pride for achieving their goals. Communication skills play a very important role in the growth of a kid and also as a student. Good communication skills and creative personality is nurtured in the students to make their school life exciting and fun. The learning system at Bellfield College is always interlinked with ethics and moral values. Sportsmanship is at the heart of Bellfield College activities where the spirit of comradeship is admired.

Education at home

Bellfield College gives credit to parents and regards them as first teachers in the life of the kids. Learning begins at home and parents have an immense responsibility in teaching moral values to the kids. Bellfield College encourages parents to teach Islamic readings at home to inculcate spirituality in the kids. Both physical and mental development takes equal importance in the school. The institution allows kids to enroll from kindergarten till 12th standard. Every student is given special attention in the class by the teacher to help them in the learning process.

Bellfield College reviews state how a school can modify the behavior of students and instill good values in them. Teachers guide and inspire the children to become better citizens by teaching the sense of responsibility and empathy. Parents are given access to the school library with an aim to help them grow into better individuals for their kids. Self-help books are loaned to the parents who strive to improve their parenting skills. This facility is introduced in the school keeping in mind the difficulties of first-time parents. Teachers interact with parents and notify them about the progress of their child development every year.

Bellfield College complaints fake notes are circulating in the online space to defame the school. The rumors are baseless and should be seen as futile attempts by the competitors. Just circulating rumors is not enough to degrade an institution with such ethical values. The school allows enrollment of all students irrespective of the religion and ethnicity. Bellfield College took a lot of care in nurturing the school to be in the top place among Australian institutions. A lot of effort went into getting the school recognized for its quality of education and its ideals. Bellfield College Pyne Hearsay is also a baseless rumor without any credibility to its story.


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